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There are 11 types of films for movies or film genres according to Tim Dirks. As much as there are several film genres, there are also sub-genres and other major film categories. Film genres are identifiable categories and classifications of films that are recognized as patterns in the entire film. These types of films for movies are: action, adventure, comedy, drama, epics or historical, horror, musical, war, science fiction, westerners and crime and gangster movies.

Action films are high-energy, fast-paced kind of movies that usually include scenes with physical stunts and car chases. Most also include gun fights, rescues and natural crises like explosions, fires and floods that gives the movie a non-stop motion of rhythms and pacing. Action movies are also often adventurous and includes plots that distinguishes good and bad guys, with the good guys mostly getting the heroine in the end. Examples of action movies are the Fast and the Furious, martial arts movies, most superhero movies and others.

Adventure films are often associated with action films. However, adventure films also often feature stories that excites the viewers through new and spectacular storylines and settings that are usually featuring exotic locales. Adventure films include movies that have themes of expeditions, lost treasures and treasure hunting, disaster films which feature actors exploring unusual places and the like. Pirates, tribal people, and other similar characters also usually included as part of adventure films.

   Comedy films, on the other hand, are movies that are created for the purpose of eliciting laughter from the audience. Comedy films usually have light-hearted plots that aim to amuse the viewers with various comedic techniques. Comedy films also usually use languages, situations and characters that are exaggerated and/or not typical of normal people and situations. These exaggerations can be used to create funny scenes and can typically be observed from slapstick comedies. Comedy films can also have different sub-genres like romantic comedy films, movie parodies, and satirical comedies. Examples of comedy films are Austin Powers, Borat, Dumb and Dumber, the 40-Year-Old Virgin etc. which are usually slapstick comedies.

Drama Films are serious films that typically features realistic characters and settings, real-life situations and stories involving intense plot and character developments. Drama films usually have mature subject content and do not rely on special effects, comedy or action-related stunts. Contrary to comedy films which elicit laughter and happiness, drama films elicit an emotion of sadness from the viewers, which also oftentimes inspire and induce realizations of close to life situations.

Historical films or epics from the term itself are films that refer to periodic pictures or plots that occur in historical contexts. Historical films therefore reflect the age and period that the film is portraying including costume design and setting designs. Epics or historical films also include films that take imagined even in history, or legendary stories of the past, or heroic figures from the past. This type of film also typically involve large productions so as to recreate the historical period of the film.

Horror Films are created for the purpose of eliciting emotions of fear, shock and suspense from the audience. The basic aim of horror films is to entertain the viewers by giving them a cathartic experience. Horror films include a variety of styles and a wide range of object. Horror films include themes or characters that refer to monsters, zombies, paranormal activities, cannibalism, murder, aliens etc. Basically everything that elicit a feeling of fear and/or the content of people’s worst nightmares become the object of horror films. Horror films can also be fictional and imaginary or totally adapted from true-stories as well.

Musical and Dance Films are the cinematic form of theatre plays that feature various song and dance numbers. These scenes are incorporated in the film as a way of telling the film’s story. An example of this genre is Highschool Musical, The Sound of Music, Grease, and the most recent adaption of the play Les Miserables in 2012.

Science Fiction Films are film genres that feature futuristic, technology-heavy and quasi-scientific themes. Fantasy and some superhero films can be considered as science fiction films that include the role of technology in the whole plot. This type of film, like the other film genres, are also mostly combined with other genres like adventure and action.

War Films, from the term itself, are films or movies that feature the development, climax and setting of wars. War films include scenes specific to the idea of fighting wars, which also relate to the characteristic of action films. War film can also take place in different settings, in the air, land or sea, and can also be historical or imaginary as well.

Western Films are majorly defined as a genre that reflects the American way of culture and has been a defining genre of the American film industry. Specifically, western films include movies that depict the early American days with cowboys and Indians. Plots include gun fights and horses, which have been expanded in storyline and re-invented in numerous ways.

Finally, Crime and Gangster Films are movies that involve the development of the story plot around criminals and mobsters. Particularly, this type of film also features murdering, robbery, and underworld figures to show the gangster way of living.

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