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Tired of taking average pictures or failed to capture amazing moments in video production? Want to turn your skills around and let the world know what an amazing photographer you are? Look no more, you have come to the right place at the right time! Read on to find how to do event coverage like a pro!

1.  Windows and Doors!

Lighting is the key element in photography. So, keeping studio rent in mind, book a studio with the perfect placement of windows and doors, trust me this will go a long way! For a glowing look, use soft light and for a dark and edgier look, use direct light sources as overhead!

2.  Aperture mode priority

This is essential for image production as well as video. As this mode can save you time as well as money in terms of editing services!

If you’re shooting in natural light, lower your aperture, which will give you a wide open aperture. This in turn will decrease the depth of your field. Hence, your subject will be in perfect focus, with a blurry background, giving it the perfect soft and fairytale like look!

3.  Backdrop!

Backdrop is another essential element which can affect your photography in a huge way. You can manipulate good lighting by wisely choosing the suitable backdrop according to the theme. This is what large production services use to produce their corporate videos!

4.  Use a reflector!

Kick your photography and video production up a notch by using a reflector. It can cause drastic changes in the outcome of the moments you capture. A reflector basically bounces light back on your subject.

5.  Shutter speed

Shooting on shutter priority mode is heavily recommended as it allows you to capture sharp images without any blurriness from any light sources. To implement this, just set your shutter speed in between 1/60 to 1/200.

6.  Embrace your tripod!

Unable to master the art of photography through long exposure? No worries! A tripod can be your best friend. This is perfect if you want to capture a scenery with water bodies, as it gives such a smooth outcome that no editing services will be required!

Don’t be afraid of using a tripod as it will give out much better results than you as you are not as stable as the tripod itself. Besides, wouldn’t the family photographer want to be in the photo too? Just set the timer and you’re good to go!

7.  Make the most out of daylight!

Ever wondered why corporate videos are so perfect and their lighting on point? It’s because their production services make sure that the videos are either shot at daytime or with lots of electric lights with reflectors all over the place!

8.  Flash is a big no-no!

Using a flash in your photography or videography can cause your subject to look harsh and unnatural. But if it’s more lighting you’re looking, there are others ways to handle it. One of them is to change the ISO setting. Push your ISO up to 800 or 1600, depending on the situation. Experiment and you will get the hang of it in no time!

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