Social Media Without Videos….Bereft?

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Social media video inclusion, video marketing and using of videos for social media posts are of salient additions and benefits to social media.


Social media as we all know, is a wide collection of internet and online based communication channels for the dissemination of information and news. This is a less formal method of sharing of information in relation to conferences, television reporting and the likes.


The Success of Social media.


The success of social media is almost impossible to measure, social media has become the easiest and fastest go to source to find information, news, and many other content types, the success of social media is owed to the frequency of content posting, the easy access to the said content, the round the clock access, the lack of formality, cheapness and the personal nature of surfing the internet amongst many other reasons, however the question whether the use of videos for social media, and its subsequent video marketing has been of help and growth to social media.


Social Media Videos.


Social media video usage is the art of including videos in social media content and uploads for emphasis of content as well as further and complete information related to the content posted. This is done by uploading a video file before, in between or after the social media post, or including a link of the social media at the end of the post for reference if desired, this is also know as video marketing on social media.


The Importance of Videos Social Media.


Looking at the causes for the success of social media, it brings good reason to wonder if social media video inclusions has helped and of what importance the use of videos for social media is. Video marketing and the use of social media videos fulfill the following uses in its video marketing:


  1. Social media content emphasis.
  2. Content clarity and further understanding.
  3. Video for social media are much easier and faster to consume than the written content.
  4. Video marketing also promoted the commercialization of social media for money making.
  5. Social media videos are also more fun to watch and consume, and less tedious than the written contents.
  6. Using of videos for social media also reduces the stress on the Content Creator as opposed to writing and editing content.
  7. Also, very importantly, social media videos are more personal then written content, they create a communication with the particular consumer, and makes the person feel like he/she is listening to another person talk.
  8. Videos can easily be understood by all, both the educationally advanced, the passively educated and the illiterates, because the motions, expressions and other components of a video make it better understood, even with language barriers in some cases

Amongst many others, these are only a few reasons and importance of social media video marketing and the use of videos for social media.


Is Social Media Video Marketing and Use of Videos for Social Media Beneficial?


It is of even greater benefit to use videos for social media content and posts, social media videos and video marketing promotes and even greater success in social media, videos for social media give content consumers and customers more reasons to visit and consume such content because they promise less time in reading, better understanding and personalized communication with such content or blog.


Blog owners should indeed promote the use of social media videos for better encouragement to their target audience to consume whatever content shared, because video marketing and social media videos makes for easy and increased patronage.


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