The services at WeTube are a diverse collection of the most interesting things that a company could offer. We truly believe in reaching success by being the best in we do. Therefore, our team has remained to be a collection of zealots having experience and expertise in terms of dealing with various services. Being a production unit, we have included the services of video production, photography, DOP and also event coverage. All these services are provided to the customers in the most top-notch manner. The thing that gives us an edge in dealing with customers is our effort towards satisfying the customers. We truly believe in making all our services customized and tailored in a way that meets the needs of our clients. The trademark feature of WeTube is that we ensure that our customers remain associated with us in the long run. To achieve this, we also offer highly efficient customer care services.

In addition to all our services and customer care, we also ensure that our clients remain in close contact with us throughout their project. This helps in coordinating every step of the project with the client and truly understanding what they need. We believe that if you pay, your idea should truly be justified and delivered according to your need. So, if you are looking for getting the best services in terms of production or event coverage, we can provide you with innovative services. You can rest assured that once you choose WeTube, you will be in for a lifetime of satisfaction.


These services comprise graphic design and layout, photographic service, design and camera ready artwork, editing and copyrighting, displays and exhibits, audio and video production.


Editing portrays the connection between shots and the process by which they are joined all together.  It is essential to the creation of narrative space and to the organization of narrative time.


Video production is the creation of a video. The creation of a video happens in different ways such as finding a proposal, writing a script, shooting, editing, effects or graphics and sound editing.


We can proudly say that we have a team of highly skilled photographers who not only capture images but are also extremely apt at providing customers with the editing services.


Sports events, live functions, indoor concerts and performances are all featured through utilizing OB facilities. This type of production shapes the foundation of the common of locally created airtime. An OB Van is a mobile studio.


A drone is an unmanned aircraft that can steer freely without any human control or beyond the line of sight. To understand better how drones fly and work, it is important to know the basic construction of a distinctive drone.


The DP goes side by side with the production designers, art directors, set dressers and wardrobe crew and hairstylists to support the establishment of the look of the film and its individual scenes.


We provide our customers with a space on rent, where they can carry out their production work with the help of our specialists and have the chance of operating a personalized studio.


It is the recording of the outcomes of a particular event for future use or reference. It can be done in a number of ways such as photography, audio visual recording and through social media updates/blogging.


A corporate video tells facts about the company. It can discuss its history, mission, vision, premises, culture, standards or any other general company information. It presents the core or the “why” of the company.


Satellite news gathering (SNG) is the usage of mobile communications equipment for the intention of universal news casting. Mobile units are vans contain advanced, two-way audio and video transmitters and receivers by means of dish antennas that can be aimed at geostationary satellites.


Crew hire at WeTube Production is a thorough and lengthy process. We take immense pleasure in claiming that we have the best crew for all the services. Be it video production, event organization, photography or even editing services, we have the best people around.

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