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For centuries, human beings lived in small communities, in villages or cities with limited population density, and limited contact with other regions. The large cities were limited in number. For example, in Froma, at the height of its greatness, it had a population of only 1 million, In small circles, centered on kinship, friendship and common interest, their relations were limited to the small and relatively closed community, and thus their means of communication were limited within the confines of small society. However, wars, invasions and migrations made people more interconnected and confused by strangers. Loyalty and affected their habits, although it remained a small circle of human personality.


However, in the 20th century, the situation changed completely due to two main reasons. The first was the outbreak of the First and Second World Wars and the great human movements they caused. The second reason was the spread of mass media such as radio and television, newspapers and magazines, and the radical changes in the perceptions of citizens in all The perception of individuals and their semantic framework has widened dramatically, so that people can no longer be mentally or psychologically isolated from each other, because what happens in a place in the world and in any part of it leaves its effects on other parts. The Ms.

The most important thing that man has to do with other beings, that great energy, is his ability to think and to communicate. A person always needs a means to monitor the circumstances. He is surrounded by a knowledge of the dangers he faces, opportunities available to him, To make decisions and to disseminate the decisions adopted by the community on a wider scale, a means that transfers the wisdom of the previous generations and the prevailing cultures in time to the subsequent generations and the means of making people happy and forgotten by the suffering and difficulties they face in their daily lives.


Thus, the means of mass communication have emerged in the life of human beings because they have the ability to reach the masses wherever they are and where they have been resolved. They do not recognize borders or regions. They are all means that address the senses of hearing and sight, The information is collected and distributed more widely to large audiences, such as newspapers, magazines, and audio and video broadcasts.

These means are characterized by multiple forms, contents and types, allowing the recipient to choose a specific type of means, such as selecting an economic magazine from a number of magazines, or choose a specific program of radio programs, in line with the interests and circumstances and tendencies of each individual or group.

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