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Social media is the fastest mode of advertising, but you need to know social media trends for a successful social media campaign. Video marketing is the latest and effective trend. YouTube changed the way we interacted and shared content online and now, almost every social media harnesses the power of videos. Social media videos have proved to be very successful for many entrepreneurs who relied solely on video marketing. Including a video in your social media, increases the engagement rate and transfers your message concisely and creatively. You can really make an effective social media campaign with social media videos.

Let’s see what makes social media videos important for your marketing campaign

Increasing Interest in Videos

Many experts believe that videos will account for 75% internet traffic in future. YouTube alone receives around 4 Billion views per day, Facebook and Instagram has also included video features that plays automatically. Almost, every social media platform is capitalizing on videos. What makes video important is their ability to capture the interest of viewer and send a concise but powerful message. Now, almost every industry including news, entertainment, and non-profit is using videos to communicate. Some interesting facts about videos are

  • They are shared more, almost 1200 times more than text and images
  • If your website includes an embedded video you are more likely to rank better in google search results
  • Click through rates increase by 2-3 times if you attach a video link in an email.

Live Videos

For any marketing campaign, it is very important to communicate effectively. Marketers are always looking for new ways to convey their brand message. Social media platforms due to the increasing interest in videos by marketers and users, have introduced “live video” features. Many popular brands stream live videos to engage their followers. You can live stream your videos to announce product launch, or take questions from users, or solve their problems. This is especially important for businesses like cleaning, home repairing, etc. it not only helps you showcase your skills directly, but it also gets you spread your message fast and effectively.


Social Media Stories

Instagram has around 300 million active monthly users, most of the content shared on Instagram includes videos. Instagram stories are very famous, and Instagram is platform with potential for marketers. To utilize the platforms like Instagram and Snapchat effectively for your social media marketing, videos are the best tool. Moreover, twitter also features video and allows you to stream live videos. So, ladies and gentlemen if you really want to make bucks out of your social media campaigns, give up the traditional and boring ways and start animating.


Video Advertisement

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the most famous social media platforms and altogether they have highest user base. Harness the power of video advertisement on these platforms, if you are wondering why videos. Simply, because video marketing is more effective. It conveys your message fast, video engagement rates are high, they are more shared, and they are more effective.



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