The Difference between Tv Show and A Movie Show

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Tv shows and movies are very popular for many people as source of entertainment. Tv series and movies are the most of the latest emerging Entertainment in the Hollywood sector making it being a significant source of income to Actors and Actress. Tv series also known as soap operas have captured the imagination of people and the actors and actress who work in these series are today of no less famous and rich than stars who work in the movie,However there is still much of the difference between the Tv series and Movie .

Introduction to Movie


The first Instance of movie is that movies are creative concepts of directors who motive are entertainment and enjoyment trying at the same time to give audience something new or present visuals and acting talents of the stars in a novel manner.The intention of movie makers is to somehow bring the audience to cinema halls .The more people go and watch the more the movie is considered to be successful hence the Director will be awarded for the good job done.Movies involve high financiers and when a lot of people go to watch they become Happy


Introduction to Tv series

Tv series on the other hand are designed to sell products from different Companies .There are so many commercials before in between and after the series and people get irritated as they are not able to withstand the intensity because of this advertisement.But makers of Tv series are helpless as theses commercials are necessary for making a Tv series as the Money comes from the Manufacturers of products whose Ads are being shown in the Tv series .No Doubt the Tv series has to be entertaining or otherwise you would did endure so many Ads and this is precisely as to why the quality of Tv series has improved than Movie interms of Quality ,Content and Vedio format.


The Difference Between Tv series and Movie


  1. Anytime a persons tries to enjoy Tv series ,he can instantly feel that he is being used on the things that are being advertised .Tv series is trying to sell things to the viewer which is not the case with the movies where people tend to sit and relax and enjoy the medium of the wavelength of the movie. Tv series puts you in a trance where you are more receptive to subtitle suggestions that are insinuated time and again.


  1. Tv series are mostly based on concepts that are selling at the moment while movie makers are trying making different things which is a reflection of creative talent
  2. Cost wise Tv series are more expensive to film and produce since it has alot of content and commercials as opposed to the movies which is short and
  3. Tv series run in synch with times as they can be very long compared to movies .While movies have a set of duration of 1.5 to maximum three hours ,TV series are unlimited in this sense as they are the same show running for a couple of years .
  4. Another difference between Movie and Tv series is the format in which they are shot and produced.Movies are shot in 75 mm while Tv series are shot in 35 mm ,But this difference doesn’t make difference to the audience as they enjoy watching Tv series than movies .

6.In terms of Reach Tv series supersedes Movies as Tv series are able to penetrate in Remote Areas since it is one medium

  1. Tv series consumes a lot time during production and writing scripts since most scenes are produced at different timelines as opposed to movies which have fixed timeline and therefore require less time making it easier to be produced
  2. In terms of Man-Power Tv series requires Heavy Man-power since there are different scenes being shot at different places and therefore requires heavy Man-power as opposed to Movie which has fixed timeline with very few scripts therefore needing less Man-power


  1. Tv series can be suspended at later date during production if the funding is not available or if the policies of the government are undermined but Movies cant since it is single video therefore you have to be prepared before shooting.


  1. Movies are being premiered and advertised in the Cinema halls like IMAX while Tv series are being premiered in the Tv shows like CBS ,Fox e,t.c


  1. Tv series have feature on Demand on your Own time in Tv shows where you need to pay on a monthly subscription while Movies dont have on Demand which can viewed on Cinema halls therefore not making On Demand easily until you wait when again it will be shown


  1. Tv series Actors and Actress can decide to withdraw their career in that Tv show when each episode has been featured and he/she can replaced while in Movie they cant since they have signed a contract towards the end of the movie
  2. Tv series can have different producer at each scene since it involves different story while Movie can have different producer since it is one story and one scene until the end .
  3. Tv series Actors and Actress are being paid lump sum of money since it has a couple of scenes and also it can be featured for many years while in movies they are being paid one time offer during which they have signed the contract
  4. Tv series have to sign up with the regulatory film industry body in order to avoid violation of film industry policies since they may be a while for the industry and therefore certain threshold must be met ,while Movies tend to sign up up but there policies are not hard-line since they dont stay in film industry after shooting and production
  5. Tv series have scenes called seasons and episodes in which they are categorized after each scene while in movies there no things apart from which they can film with integers like 1 ,2,3 like Die Hard 2 , the Hulk 1 or Hulk 2 which as opposed to series can be Mr Robot season 1 episode 2


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