What is a corporate video production?

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Have you ever heard of corporate video production? In this post, we will give you a brief definition and some reasons why your company would benefit from it.

What is a corporate video production?

As the name implies, it is basically the production of a video by an organization, corporation or enterprise to deliver an external or internal message. This process can be done by an internal group in the institution or a professional agency.

The main difference between a traditional advertising and a corporate video is mainly the target audience. While the former focus on the public, the latter is usually aimed at specific groups such as customers, clients, stakeholders, employees, etc.

For example, a company might need a corporate video to summarize annual financial reports to the stakeholders or present a new project to the employees. In addition, you can also see this type of video used for training staff or promoting new services and products on social networks like Facebook, Youtube.


Various types of corporate video

– Recruitment:  This type of video is produced to promote the organization as an ideal working place to attract high-skilled employees. You can often see them along with the ads on recruitment sites.

– Company profile: A corporate profile video is probably the most effective methods to introduce your business to the customers. Its content can include the messages from product experts, top officials, or even the CEO. By showing a little history of the company and overall pictures inside the office, audiences can have a better understanding on the purpose and product of the company.

– Internal communication: This type mainly features clients, vendors, and staff to help explain the latest company policy, procedure or internal information.

– Commercial videoTargeted at potential customers, this type of video requires a lot of effort and budget in the company. If the product is high-quality and attracts many audiences, it would significantly boost the sales of the business.


Why is a corporate video production important? 

Today, creating high-quality corporate and commercial videos plays a key role in the development and success of every organization. Firstly, having videos with great contents on the website or fanpage of a business can considerably boost the traffic and brand awareness of the customers. In addition, it would encourage the clients to spend more time to engage and read about the product or service of the company as visualization is often the best way to attract more attention.

For internal communication, corporate videos are great for conveying a large amount of complicated information in a short time. Therefore, most companies often choose this method to explain new procedures, complex projects, or boring reports to their staff.


Basic process for corporate video production

Depending on the type of video, requirements of the project, and other factors, a process of corporate video production can be varied. Below are 7 standard stages that are often seen in many companies and organizations:

– Stage 1: The company (client) delivers the initial inquiry

– Stage 2: The video production agency creates a concept of the project

– Stage 3: Design the storyboard

– Stage 4: Make a plan for the production

– Stage 5: Find the filming location

– Stage 6: Shoot the video

– Stage 7: Post-production and deliver the finished video



Corporate video production is developing rapidly and becoming an indispensable part of business all over the world. With new online social platforms and advanced video technology, corporates would have a better opportunity to deliver their message more effectively to the target audiences, thereby improving the quality of communication.


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