Benefits of Corporate Video for Marketing in Social Media

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Are you planning to increase the number of visitors and clicks on your website? Video marketing, Video for social media, social media video can be of great benefit to your business. Typically, most customers are usually attracted by the visuals rather than the text and pictures; therefore, video marketing is a powerful tool for making your organization successful. Various ways through which the platform can benefit your firm include the following:

Increases the Time Spent on Your Website

Naturally, YouTube platform has four billion viewers: 78% of the individuals watching at least once in a week while 55% watch videos daily. Therefore, you should create advertisements, branded entertainment, promo, video blogs in whatever format reaches your clients. Additionally, videos provide collateral for social media marketing since you can share them on almost all social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Videos Are Easy to Search

According to research by the Marketing Week, video results appear in almost 70% of the 100 search listings in Google. Most customers are looking for products and services Online; hence, videos affect search results which provides an entry to your micro-site and your promo web page. For instance, YouTube is the second largest search directory; therefore, posting your videos on the platform making it possible for your ads to rank higher in Google.

Educate, Inspire, and Entertain Your Customers

Research by the confirms that above 60% of website visitors occasionally spend at least two minutes viewing a video which is likely to educate them about a particular product. Hence, video marketing is an excellent way to make your clients laugh, learn or get emotional than through audio, texts, or pictures.

Moreover, video marketing increases user engagement; for instance, if a client opts to play a video on your website, it shows that they have an interest in learning about a particular product or service. Therefore, adding videos on your site makes your visitors active in selecting a content than passively receiving advertising emails from the company.

Allows Real-time Interactions and Feedback

Most clients prefer posting and commenting on videos; hence, giving you an opportunity to learn about the needs of the customers, feedback on the quality and performance of a product you trade and makes it possible for you to make an immediate short-term decision about your business.

Videos are Long-lasting and Cost-effective in the Long-run

Typically, videos remain on the search engines and other social platforms, including Instagram and Twitter for a long, and requires an executive directive for their removal. However, this can either be beneficial or negatively affect your business, depending on the types of videos you post.

Nevertheless, to succeed in video marketing, you can choose the initial media purchase to advertise your products, and unlike TV ads which can get fail if you fail to pay the fee, video contents will stay online, thus reducing your per-unit expenditures over time.

Enhances Brand Identity

Creating a video for your customers improves the viewers’ connection between the brands or products and the information you are communicating. However, it is essential to design a relevant and clear message, highlighting the appealing attributes of your company.


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