Why Company in Dubai Should Make A Corporate Video?

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Corporate video is an audio visual medium in which the company can illustrate the brand value, its vision and core purpose. Today, it is used as one of the various marketing strategies which are pursued by companies in a bid to popularize their brands.
However, the advent of social networking has threatened this marketing and product awareness method. Here are the five reasons why you should make a compelling corporate video strategy


  1. It can reach existing and potential customers and raise awareness.
    Viral marketing campaigns are undertaken by companies who want more people to know about their products or services. Your corporate video showcases what your capabilities are, your heritage and your company vision for the world. YouTube and Facebook are the top choices for a viral marketing campaign and you can potentially reach billions of consumers with a single click.
    Compared to other marketing strategy, a corporate video can be easily uploaded on your websites and also promoted on social media. By uploading your corporate video on several sites, you will be able to reach more potential clients and customers and get them interested in your services or product.
  2. It can portray the brand value of the company
    Corporate video is a very creative, intuitive and informational way to showcase your company’s business. A brief demonstration of products and services can be very well explained in a video rather than a manual or any other means. A short corporative video will tell its own story within minutes and has the potential to leave an impression with the customers.
    You can also use corporate video for instruction purposes, for customers who may want deeper information about your company. It is a smart way to blend together your product related important information, images, music etc which will help customers to take interest in your company.
  3. Better Search Engine Optimization ranking
    Any company that wants to stay top of their game will need to be on top of the Google search engine ranking. And having a corporate video plays a major role in turning up your Google search page results. You can develop a corporate video especially suited for better SEO ranking.
    This plays a crucial role in increasing your sales, driving more traffic to your website potentially bringing you those all-important new clients and customers. Your video can be shared faster than any other media in the internet and your business will get noticed in a shorter period of time with wider audience.


  1. Stay ahead of the competition
    A video helps you and your business to stay ahead of the competition. Many a times, businesses put too much effort on getting the right information in the website and they include too much text and information which is too much unappealing for the viewers.
    You can wow your viewers and give a better impression with a corporate video. When your competition is using their traditional methods, you can innovate and blaze ahead of them by gaining more customers and thereby more sales.


  1. Reliability and better understanding of your products by customers
    A corporate video will help the customer in understanding your business and products with empathy and a customer who can understand your business and the value addition your business is doing to the society better will have more confidence in you and your products.
    And as a result, he is more likely to purchase your products; this in turn will increase your sales. Even better, a customer who better understands your product and relates to you empathetically will become an evangelist and promote your product in the market.


As we have seen, having a corporate video is advantageous to the corporations when it comes to boosting their sales, increasing their brand visibility and customer loyalty. A corporate video strategy is a must have for any company in this digital age.


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